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Greetings fellow fans,

I joined this community a week or two ago, but I noticed that there are few posts, so I figured I'd add one to the count and introduce myself. I am a latter-day Moodies fan. I discovered the Moodies with Your Wildest Dreams back when it came out but I was too young to pursue the band at the time. Some years later, somebody introduced me to I Know You're Out There Somewhere and I picked up the Legend of a Band compilation and fell in love with every song on it. I floundered for a few years, not having lots of extra money for buying CDs and acquired a few as gifts. I completely ran Legend of a Band into the ground such that I could not play most of it any more and had to buy a new copy. This brings us to the present day, with me at age 30 owning all but five of the studio albums (I will acquire them eventually) and having seen Justin, John, and Graham in concert over this past summer for the first time.

I love this band. I wish I could have been around to see them in their heyday. I find a lot of older fans seem to think the band's skills deteriorated with age. Me, I just think they evolved. I can listen to Days of Future Passed as easily as I can listen to Strange Times (which I personally think was a BRILLIANT album, though I seem to be alone in my opinion). I don't care what they say, I will always love this band.

My favorite songwriter in the band is Justin Hayward and unfortunately, the fact of my loving his songs has soured my love life. Strange but true. You see, I keep looking for someone who has both maturity AND the ability to look at life like Justin apparently does. So many people just don't understand the concept of maintaining a child-like outlook and simply loving life. This is the way I am, the way I have always been, and likely always will be. Someday I hope to find someone who understands, preferably someone just a tad bit younger than Justin. :) Because, "you see, I refuse to believe that someone's not waiting for me."



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