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Hey everyone, I just joined and felt I'd introduce myself. I am 15 years old and I got into The Moody Blues about a year ago when I started listening to a lot of classic rock and my dad had me listen to Question Of Balance. I immediatley fell in love with them and have been listening to them a lot ever since. I was kinda disappointed to see that there weren't many Moody Blues communities, but I don't really see many people listening to them now. I don't know anyone my age who listens to them besides one of my friends that I got into them. Sad, eh? A lot of people are really missing out.
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I can honestly say I know how you feel being one of the only people your age around you that LOVE the Moody Blues. i went through my entire high school career being the only person (besides one of my teachers, who shared my love for them) that loved them. I've been listening to them all my life and I cannot get enough of them and I was fortunate enough to see them in concert two years ago at the PNC bank Arts center in NJ. They truly are one of the best bands out there! And there are people many people missing out--I have much pity on them. Again I say, Welcome!

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girl with a crush on JL
Hi.My name is Kjersti.But you can call me Kirsten.I am 13 years old
now,and I have 2 older brothers,Kenny and Keith.I was born in
Fairfax,Virginia.I now live in Iowa.I absolutly love the Moody
Blues,and John Lodge.He's in that band.I am actually an easy person to
get along with,unless someone gets on my nerves.Except my friends.I
like wild westerns t.v shows,like I'm watching right now.Bonanza. I am
a videogame freak.I also like cartoons.So thanks for visiting this

Age: 13
Gender: female
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Zodiac Year: Monkey
Location: Belmond : Iowa : United States

About Me
I love to be outside in the sunshine,and to ride my go-cart. And I play
flute,and guitar. And I stare at John Lodge pictures alot.

How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?
I wanta be 6 ft 1! Forget the fingernails!!

Video games John Lodge music and most importantly JOHN LODGE!!!
Favorite Movies
War of the Worlds Meet the Fockers Signs The Spongebob Movie.
Favorite Music
The Moody Blues Gwen Stafani Eric Clapton The Beatles Duran Duran 3
Doors Down The Police The Cars Foreigner Electric Light Orchestra.
Favorite Books
Stephen King books. I'm not a big reader.

Birthday: June 21, 1992
I teach myself the guitar,and it is doing REALLY great! And I play the
flute.And I ride my go-cart alot,and do donuts in the backyard.
Music,Rune Scape,Videogames,internet,and hanging out with my friends.


binkojr at frontiernet.net

www.moodytalk.com is where I hang and I love MissMoodyBlues